Lesson Structure

1st Phase: WARM UP EXERCISESLesson Structure 1a


Lesson Structure 1b

Lesson Structure 3
Lesson Structure 4

4th Phase: GAME SITUATIONS/FREE PLAYLesson Structure 3

Beach Tennis Workout:

Thank you to our first 100 Students in California!


Kids Love Beach Tennis!
Kids’ lessons played with a slightly modified size court and smaller rackets to make it more fun. Also, the kids lessons are more focused on motor coordination exercises mixed with fun games.
Classes are designed for ages 7+, we have age 7-9 and 10-13 programs.
The perfect mix of beach exercise and fun!
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Special Classes for Autistic People


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PlayBT also offers the following class structures:

Interactive Corporate Team-Building Activities

Purpose: to promote team spirit, To stimulate conversation, ideas, and laughter, and healthy competition

This physical activity is the best way to get the office camaraderie going. A sport that easy for everyone  to play , and environment that everyone loves with a great team of coaches will make it a perfect day. We will provide everything.


Sports Teams Team-Building Activities

In the preseason and at the beginning of the season to acquaint players with one another.

Engages players in activities outside of regular practice which heightens the connection they have with one another in competition.

Beach Tennis Parties!

Beach Tennis is fun and easy to learn.  Let us help you organize a fun “Beach Tennis Breakfast Birthday” or Beach Tennis Bash

Beach Tennis Breakfast

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  1. I have taken a series of lessons from PLAY BT Beach Tennis School and really enjoyed it. The drills that are used facilitate good muscle memory to perform the task at hand whether it is volley, dink shot or an overhead smash. Their passion for teaching the sport is immediately palpable as they correct even the small errors I made. My mobility and speed on the court was improved about 20% by getting tips on positioning my body sideways for moving during rally play. Paulo and Krisna are a great teaching team as they each have their own different levels of experience playing the sport and they make the lessons very fun!

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