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Click on the button above to choose the date of group workout that you would like to register for and you will then be offered the below payment options.

See explanation of payment options below:


“Monthly on Autopay for 1 x /week” Lesson Plan:
1 Lesson /Week
$136 $79
>This payment option saves you approximately $57/month!!!

This pricing option allows you to automatically pay for your monthly package during the term of one year at a very reduced premium. You will be charged the monthly amount every month and you will be allowed to skip during your vacations, up to eight full weeks.

Rather than paying the $34 per lesson (drop-in cost), this option of $79/month gives you a discount of up to $842 per year, and saving you $57/month.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you are not satisfied with your workouts, cancel at any time during the first two months with no penalty.

Cancellation Fee
After your first month, cancel at any time with a penalty of 50% of the remaining contract value.

Single Lesson /Drop-in
>All lessons are 1.5 hours in duration (1hr for Saturday classes/workouts).
>Please contact us to verify availability in the scheduled lessons, minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 students per lesson

“Monthly 1 x /week” Lesson Plan:
(1 Lesson /Week) 
$136 $116
>This payment option saves you approximately $25/month

“Monthly 2 x /week” Lesson Plan:
 2 Lessons /Week 
$272 $199
>This payment option saves you at least $73/month!!

“Monthly 3 x /week” Lesson Plan: 
 2 Lessons /Week 
$408 $269 
>This payment option saves you at least $139/month!!

Package of 10 Lessons
$340 $289
>Can be used up to 3 months from purchase date
>This payment option saves you $51

>1 hour in duration.
>This option gives you exclusivity so the entire lesson will be shaped around the parts of your game that you want to focus on and that your Instructor defines as points that need attention.
>Please contact us to verify availability in the scheduled lessons.

>1 hour duration
>2 participants
>During this intense hour of training your instructor is going to take you and your partner through a series of drills and exercises to fine-tune your interaction during play as a team.  These lessons are packed with a lot of information in one hour.


We ask that you let us know at least 24 hrs in advance if you know you will not attend so we can make the space available to others.

Monthly Lesson Plans

You can make up your weekly lesson any other time during the same month in any lesson of your level where there is space.

We ask that you cancel with us at least 24 hrs in advance if you will not make it to your reserved lesson.

See where our lessons are taught in the PlayBT Locations.

Check our schedule for class times.

See a description, photos, videos of the PlayBT Lesson Structure.

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