Want to improve your game? Wondering why the ball isn’t doing what you’re telling it to do?  Come try a beach tennis lesson!

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It’s not just for beginners, drills are fun and useful at all levels to keep improving your game, don’t stagnate! Never stop learning!

Beach tennis is easy enough to learn the key basics during your first lesson, and complex enough to keep you training for years knowing there’s so much more to be learned. After you have learned the proper technique, you should continue to drill so that during the games your body naturally reacts with proper form.  Once you are ready, then you start learning the strategy and you realize there is a whole world of new information to be absorbed.  It is a continuous journey!

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  1. I totally love beach tennis! Krishna and Paulo are just wonderful. They really help to fine tune your skills and help to get you where you want to be.
    Thank you for the time and patience.

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