Beach Tennis

What is Beach Tennis?

Beach tennis is a relatively unknown sport in the USA, but it is practiced in over 50 countries and there are more than half a million people all around the world playing it, having its greatest popularity in Italy, Brazil and Spain.

The Sport: Beach Tennis

Beach Tennis is an exciting sport that offers an excellent cardio workout which is highly aerobic but with low impact to the knees and joints due to it`s practice in the sand.

Take a closer look at what Beach Tennis really is!



Similar to traditional tennis, Beach Tennis preserves most of the rules and scoring of tennis (15/30/40), modifications were made to adapt to movement around the sand court and to the faster pace of the game.

The main catch is you can’t let the ball hit the ground.


Played entirely with volleys and smashes, make for quick, intense and exciting games. At high level play it is challenging and packed with adrenaline, and requires excellent physical fitness.  Our personal trainer calculated that Beach Tennis burns 600-800 calories in a 1-hour lesson!

PlayBT Student Vanessa shows us her Calorie counter after a 1 hr lesson... proof!
PlayBT Student Vanessa shows us her Calorie counter after a 1 hr lesson… proof!

Points start with a serve, and end when the ball touches the ground, forcing players to dive to reach difficult plays, similar to volleyball.


The objective is to return the ball, with only one hit on each side of the net, as with tennis.

Using a depressurized tennis ball, no second serve, smaller court

The sport is (usually) played by two-person teams on a regulation beach volleyball court with a 5-foot-7-inch-high net.

Biggest appeal is the very short learning curve.


4 basic strokes get you going in a game, makes it appealing to kids, adolescents and people of all ages

If you played tennis, any racket sport or volleyball, chances are you can play Beach Tennis on the first day,

At the same time, people who have never played a sport might not be able to hit the ball with the racket at the beginning of their first lesson but with such a short learning curve, can already leave the first lesson with enough skill to play around.


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Everything you need to know about Beach Tennis